The Gucci God

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I’m a huge fan of Gucci and the direction that creative director Alessandro Michele has taken with the brand over the last couple of years. Not only has he breathed new life into the brand but he has given Artists and Illustrators similar to myself a platform to be viewed with a far greater awareness and reach. Illustrator ‘Unskilled Worker’ is a London-based, self-taught artist who initially gained popularity through her very successful Instagram account and who Alessandro Michele and Gucci used to promote some the brand as well as support the arts. As a fashion Illustrator myself I have found the recent Gucci looks and creations to be hugely inspiring and created a series of paintings.

‘Zuzu’ – Gucci inspired painting by Fiona Maclean

One of my recent Gucci inspired paintings ‘ Zuzu’, photographed by the amazing Regan Cameron features a beautiful Gucci dress worn by the model Zuzu and featured in German Vogue magazine. This piece ‘Zuzu’ sold almost as soon as I put it up on to a US art collector. For more artwork check me at my art site or through and on my Instragram feed. For more Gucci creations.