From Bondi to Montauk!…Love at first sight…


Photo credit – Fiona Maclean – Ditch Plains, Montauk – USA

While visiting NYC I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to stay out in Montauk at an artist friends holiday home and art studio. And fortunate enough to stay during the summer months attending an amazing July 4thparty there, a midsummer party that’s held at the Parish Art Museum as well staying during the sleepy winter months when there are only locals around town and finding out it does actually snow at the beach!!…a first for me.

What I love about Montauk and what feels familiar to me is that it is so similar to both Bondi beach and Byron Bay in it’s energy, it’s laid back feel and beachy chic lifestyle. Similar like-minded people move there, holiday there, where it’s about lifestyle and chilled feels, surf, yoga classes, good cafes, restaurants and chic boho style. And traditionally the surrounding Hamptons as well as Montauk being an artist enclave, and celebrity hangs, with artists from the past like Jackson Pollack, Lee Krasner, Keith Haring and more recently Julian Schnabel and the Montauk inspired artist Raphael Mazzucco.

Photo credit – The Surf Lodge

Even the famous Surf Lodge in Montauk has recognised this by creating an endless summer with Sydney’s Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel (just down the road from Bondi Beach) holding a one-day beach party on New Years Day giving Sydney partygoers an experience of the decadence of the Hamptons bringing it to one of Sydney’s iconic destinations!

Ditch Plains – Montauk – Photo credit Fiona Maclean

Places to eat, drink and stay…I loved a place called Crowsnest...its right on the water, its got a cute restaurant and bar, a private beach and cool accommodation that can be booked through Mr & Mrs Smith.

[caption id="attachment_364" align="alignnone" width="333"] Photo credit – Crowsnest Montauk

So you might be asking what one needs to pack! For me it’s boho chic all the way but really anything goes. Grab a weekender bag, ’cause that’s all you will need to fit in a swimming costume, a cute beach outfit something to wear to go out to the numerous fabo restaurants and night spots in Montauk.

Sea Folly Beach Kaftan

Last minute …Get your tan on!  If you have forgotten to get your dose of tanning in time for your trip there Skinny Tan works a treat!

Photo credit Sea Folly

And if you are feeling adventurous there are surf lessons down at Ditch plains and in Montauk grab your yoga mat and head down to the local yoga school where you can even do surfer yoga at Yoga Lila.